About Our Scientist

Dr Andy Lavrent MNZRS

Scientific Natural Solutions Evangelist

Good 3 doesn’t rely on hocus pocus to create its products.

We are delighted to have Dr Andy Lavrent onboard as an advisor, or as he likes to say “Evangelist”. With an esteemed career including developing products for international cosmetic brands like La Prairie, and most recently Snowberry,  Andy has passion for developing natural solutions verified by science. With academic qualifications in food technology, chemical engineering and biotechnology from national and international universities, Andy is highly sought after by companies wishing to bring the power of nature to market.

His passion for natural products such as Totarol, Propolis, Hemp and Coconut Oils, Spirulina, Colostrum and other natural compounds has created a following both here in New Zealand and abroad.  Andy manages proof of concept through to safety and clinical trials, enabling companies like Good 3 to develop new products that are beneficial and verified by science. Andy is currently studying with American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (Fellowship Certification) with a focus on stem cell medicine.

Andy's Curriculum Vitae

Andy Lavrent

D.O.B:  13th July 1953 – Wellington – New Zealand

NATIONALITY:  New Zealand.


  • 1970 –2002     Massey University

London University

ETH Zurich

Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen –Nürnberg

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Harvard University – Extension School

Doctorate qualifications pertaining to Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering

Certified Professional Member of the American Board of Engineers

Professional member of the Cosmetic Chemists Society (NZ)

Professional member of the Controlled Release Society (International)

Professional member of NZ Royal Society (MRSNZ)


Primary work:

  • Established reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading formulating technologists for Natural and novel cosmetics
  • Technical involvement in large biochemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plant design and maintenance. Nationally and internationally.
  • Industry – Petrochemical, Dairy, Chemical, and Biochemical
  • Current work includes process and product research & development with particular reference to the natural functional pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutritional products – Consulting for various NZ and International Clients
  • Senior Scientist with DEFY-TIME
  • On-going A4M and A5M study – Post graduate Program for Anti-aging, regenerative and Function Medicine (American & Australian Institute for Regenerative Medicine)
  • On-going short programs at MIT and Harvard
  • Immuno Laboratories (R & D Director)
  • Applications & Formulations Scientist for TOTAROL BIOSCIENCES LTD

Brief Details:

Andrew Lavrent is involved in a number of Biotech/Tech oriented companies – The nature of the work over the past 30 years – including many short-term projects and continuing education, has given the writer a diverse level of expertise encompassing a broad dimension of interrelated fields.

CURRENT & ON-GOING PROJECTS from 2000 – 2018

  • Scientist – Applications and Formulations -TOTAROL BIOSCIENCES LTD
  • Nutritional Development – SMEDDs Technology Natural vitamins for GOOD3 Ltd  – Scientist
  • Nanotechnology project DEFY-TIME with TELOMERASE ACTIVATORS – Scientist
  • Telomerase Activation SIERRA SCIENCES  LLC– Reno -Application technology
  • Kavalactones – Development of functional nutraceuticals
  • Fuel Saving technology development
  • Ongoing research in Delivery Technology (Internal & External) – Drug delivery biomaterials tissue engineering and colloid and interface science – including self-assembly nanomaterials (Dr Lev Bromberg MIT)
  • Chief Scientist ENDUE – Snowberry Cosmetics – Facility setup and product development
  • COMVITA – Consultant – New Product development
  • OZO-SPA – Natural dental products consultant
  • NEW HEMISPHERE – Hemp Oil dermatitis topical Skincare development
  • Responsible for developing Good Health Ltd Natural Cosmetic Range.
  • Consultant for Shiseido NZ Ltd – Re manufacturing and formulations.
  • Cosmetic Formulation for natural Cream Based Cosmetics
  • Development of functional specialty Cosmeceuticals for NZ company (Artiface) and an exclusive Beverly Hills Cosmetic Clinic franchise (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Co-supervisor AK University – Pharmacy School –  for two PhD students.
  • Formulation & product development consultant for Musashi Pty Ltd  (Aust)
  • Development of Encapsulated Zinc Phosphide pesticide using novel delivery technology (Partnership with DOC/NZ)
  • Consulting work for Pestat (Commonwealth Research Centre) Aust Government
  • Development of Encapsulated PAPP Pesticide using novel delivery technology

(Partnership DOC & Dept of Natural Resources & Environment – Vic/Aust)

  • Newa – Delivery mechanism for drugs into fish food.
  • Consultant for new product formulations for Merl Norman (USA)
  • R & D with topical Skin Whiteners – Natural and synthetic based with novel encapsulation technology of active materials – Subsequent process design.
  • Encapsulated and stabilized Chlorine Dioxide development and efficacy trials. (APDC/Dallas/USA)
  • Neem Oil Extracts fractionated development for cosmetic and Agricultural application.
  • Consulting to various clients re- Novel and natural based cosmetic and medicinal products and by-products such as finished cosmetic formulations
  • Novel and functional transdermal cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for national and international clients
  • Immune based health foods based on Colostrum and associated efficacy information, research and data publication (Research partner -Taiwan University)
  • Product development and product commercialization for Celentis Ltd
  • Development of Olfactory passive control agents for police and military application. (Partners: Connovation & LAPD/USA)
  • Harvard University Extension School – Graduated Artium Liberalium Magister (Biotechnology) 2002


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