Milestones & Innovation

Creating a legacy of a healthier world for our people and our planet.

It is Ashley’s passionate desire to create a legacy of a healthier world for our people and our planet, that led to these significant projects, all of which were funded entirely by Ashley from his personal income.

In his life’s work, Ashley is committed to making a tangible difference to our world. The natural health company, Good3, exists purely because Ashley believes in leaving “a legacy of a healthier world for our people and our planet through education and creating companies that develop and market good plant-based products that are good for the body and good for the planet”.

Alfalfa Sprouts (1988)

After graduating from Massey University with a Diploma in Vegetable Crop Production, Ashley Berrysmith established The Sprout House to produce and market sprout seeds and beans to health food retailers.

The small company flourished and in 1984 Sun Sprout Limited was established and the Sprout Man brand and cartoon character introduced.

By 1990 Ashley had made sprouts a mainstream product with the installing of refrigerated cabinets in Woolworths and Big Fresh supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

Hemp Project (2006)

First in NZ to grow commercially in partnership with Oil Seed Extraction

The Berrysmith Foundation pioneered the trial of commercial hemp crops in Ashburton, New Zealand, for processing into cold pressed hemp oil for use in the culinary industry and also combined with high UMF Manuka Honey to create a range of natural, preservative-free skin care products and as a medicated skin oil for eczema treatment.

Hemega3 / Replenish (2007)


Fresh and cold pressed on demand. High in GLA and the ideal omega3:6 ratio

Hemega3 Replenish Skin Care

Bio active high UMF Manuka Honey plus New Zealand grown cold pressed hemp seed oil for controlling eczema

Ashley partnered with Oil Seed Extraction (a division of Midlands Seeds) in 2006 and produced New Zealand’s first hemp crop in Ashburton. In 2007 New Hemisphere in partnership with Oil Seed Extraction bottled and sold New Zealand’s first cold pressed hemp seed oil to top restaurants and health food stores under the Hemega3 brand.

Ashley then went on to produce a natural skin care range to help people with eczema. The anti inflammatory properties of the high omega 3 and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) in the hemp oil and the soothing and healing properties of high UMF manuka honey produced from his Puheke farm worked well in managing consumers even with the most severe eczema. The formulation was developed by a well renowned scientist, Dr Andy Lavrent and the formulation was tested by Abich laboratories in Italy for its effect on managing eczema with outstanding results.

Aquaponics (2008)

The world’s first scientifically proven commercial aquaponics pilot farm growing green leaf crops and herbs

Aquaponics is the chemical-free production of food. The Berrysmith Foundation New Zealand Motueka trial project grew salmon and carp with the waste nutrients from the fish used to grow lettuces. The system produced high yields of both fish and lettuce without wasting water or nutrients, creating a perpetual “closed loop” and stable ecosystem that produced high quality food.

Two food sources are grown using one body of water, making aquaponics one of the most efficient food production systems in the world. The Berrysmith Foundation’s involvement in the Aquaponics Project is completed with the investment leading to an aid project in the Cook Islands which was a feature of the 2012 Pacific Leaders Forum. The Foundation has handed back the Aquaponics facility to Tasman Bay Herbs. Ashley’s mission to prove that Aquaponics is a financially viable and sustainable method to grow food is now complete.

Links to Dr Wilson Lennard.

Halo Pure (2008)

Concentrated natural alternative with higher efficacy than synthetic Bio Oil (market leader) for stretch marks, skin discoloration, scaring, skin repair and eczema control. Clinically tested

The Halo Pure range was developed as a concentrated natural oil blend of hemp and borage along with other soothing and healing oils specifically for treating eczema.

It was developed following the runaway success of the Hemega3 Replenish skin care range for managing eczema.

Halo Pure was tested and proven alongside the synthetic market leader in skin oils.

Grand Central Kitchen (2010)

New Zealand’s first Gourmet Ready Meals For Supermarkets

This was a joint venture with Graham Wilkinson – ex celebrity chef from “Ready Steady Cook “TV series.

Well ahead of the times, Grand Central Kitchen introduced ready meals to New Zealand supermarkets, but the market was not yet ready for the innovation.

Vital Vegetables (2012)

Government research institute backed health claims

vitalvegetables™ is a trans-Tasman collaboration between the New Zealand Government funded Institute for Crop & Food Research Ltd and the Victorian Department of Primary Industries.

The goal was to produce high-health vegetables using 100% natural seeds and without genetic modification; working with nature to improve on nature. The project began in 2003, with the identification of vegetables that had significant existing health attributes. Over the following eight years, the scientific team sourced premium seeds and developed methods to grow these seeds to improve the nutritional value of the resulting vegetables. Robust systems were put in place for post-harvest handling and crop processing to retain the nutritional advantages achieved during the growth phase, ensuring the vegetables would meet their enhanced nutrition and health benefit claims when they reached supermarkets.

Ashley Berrysmith became directly involved in the project in 2012 and was charged with the task of developing specific products and taking them to market.

Smoothies (2017)

Real exotic fruit portion control smoothies – Food service and retail

Ashley introduced the only portion control real fruitsmoothiemixes onto the New Zealand market.

He used portion control bags of real fruit combos, selling though three major national Food Service Distributors and a contract with the nationwide Robert Harris Café chain, supplying freezers and blenders to every café.


Mojo Med (2018)

Scientifically proven natural alternative to Ibuprofen without side effects for controlling joint pain

We created our own special formulation for New Zealand and called it MojoMed Joint Support – because we believed it was going to give Kiwis your Mojo back! Or at least help you leap out of bed!

Added Mojo (2019)

100% natural Vitamin supplements extracted from organic vegetables – giving consumers 100% of the RDI – without use of synthetic or lab grown yeast extracts

Added Mojo Superfood multi 1-A-Day multivitamins from organic veg & fruit.

High potency iron, B12 & D3 delivering 100% of recommended daily needs for 21 plant based vitamins and minerals- all in one tiny capsule.

Good Cube (2019)

Shampoo Bars that replace 8 plastic bottles and last over 100 washes per bar

The first to market with an extruded solid plastic free shampoo bar. Each bar lasts over 100 washes and replaces 8 x 250ml bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

The first company in the world to introduce vegan keratin in a shampoo bar.

Ameliaranne Ekenasio, captain of the Silver Ferns, was appointed as the Good Cube Ambassador.

Stocked in over 300 pharmacies and health food stores throughout NZ.


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