About Good3

The thinking behind Good3.

Good3 is a sustainable company on a mission. Not in a tired old corporate fashion, but in a genuine way that will make a meaningful difference for all of us. We are passionate about the idea of doing good, it’s how we started our business back in 1980 and as a family run business, it still drives us today.

Plant Based Foods For Healthy Living

If you are interested you can check out my credentials and get to know more about the sustainable food company I’ve created here. But the most important thing to know about Good3 is that we’re still as passionate about helping people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle as we were back in 1980.

A Healthy Start

Every business has a story and hopefully a reason for existing beyond making money. In our case, I started in business in 1980, with the idea that we could change the world by creating a sustainable food company that will help people eat more healthily. Of course, some people laughed at us and called us ‘Do gooders’.

I was in my twenties back then and was passionate about this.

So, with lots of enthusiasm and very little money, I started our business in my garage. First, I produced sprouts and the business grew so quickly, I soon moved out of the garage, which was just as well as I called my little business ‘The Sprout House’ and ‘The Sprout Garage’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

By 1984 our business was thriving and we introduced ’Sprout Man’ which became an iconic Kiwi brand.

Thirty years later, Snap Fresh Foods is one of New Zealand’s most popular and trusted brand names. While I am still involved in that business, I sold Snap Fresh Foods to a US company called Golden State Foods. This is a company that proudly states it was ’founded on relationships that relied on a handshake and a vision’. While there was an obvious sadness to selling my ‘baby’, at least it was to a company that shared our core values:

exceptional quality, high standards and superior customer service.