The story behind New Zealand’s leading sustainable and health food company, Good3, is tale of a lifelong commitment to creating good plant-based health food products.

Self-described as an innovator and serial entrepreneur, Ashley Berrysmith is the founder and director of Good3. His background in horticulture is a perfect match for his constant passion for sustainable food production.

To tell the story of Good3 properly we must go back to beginning. That was when Ashley was in his early 20s and fresh-faced out of university with a big dream of a sustainable food company that will help people eat more healthily.

A man on a mission, Ashley started his first business, Sun Sprout, when he graduated from Massey University. Sun Sprout created the Sprout Man brand of bean sprouts. alfalfa and broccoli. Sun Sprout was sold in 1997 and purchased back in 2004. “The Sprout Man brand is now a brand of Snap Fresh Foods and can be found in almost all New Zealand and Hong Kong supermarkets,” says Ashley.

Ashley then moved onto New Zealand Fresh Cuts which later changed its name to Snap Fresh Foods.

Snap Fresh Foods grew, processed and marketed premium quality fresh food products. These brands include Krispkut, Fresh Harvest salads and Farmer Bill’s baby peeled carrots. They ran farms and processing facilities across New Zealand and supplied supermarkets and food service in New Zealand and Asia.  Ashley sold Snap Fresh Foods to GSF NZ ltd in 2014.

In 2007 Ashley won the Ernst & Young NZ Entrepreneur of The Year award and competed for the world title in Monte Carlo in 2008.

Over the years, Ashley has gone from lone pioneer to industry leader. All of his businesses have one thing in common – that they all produce plant-based health food products that are both good for the body and good for the planet. These have all been a part his lifelong dedication to leave behind a legacy of a healthier world for our people and our planet.

In 2005, Ashley Berrysmith took all what he learned from his many years’ experience in the sprout and bagged salad industries and created Good3. The family run, Good3 was founded on the core values of health, sustainability and ecological responsibility.

“All the products we make at Good3 must meet the following criteria: they have to be good for you, they must be sustainable and they have to be good for our planet,” comments Ashely. Whether its natural supplements and vitamins packed with the benefits of fruit and vegetable, you can trust Good3 to create products that are intrinsically good, after all it’s practically in their DNA.

Since 1980, Ashley has been dedicated to providing healthier food through sustainable business practices for all New Zealanders. And with Good3 it has never been easier to take your first steps to healthier and more environmentally friendly life.

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